• Ladies Aid

    Mission Statement of the Concordia Ladies Aid to welcome all women of Immanuel Lutheran Church and ehance our relationship with the Triune God.  As we encourage each other to use our unique God-given talents, supporting missions in our surrounding communities and the world.

     The OBJECTIVES of this Society shall be:  
    (1) To support the work of the Church in our own Congregation and in wider circles.  
    (2) To practice Christian Charity at home and abroad. 
    (3) To foster Christian Sociability among the women of the Congregation   

  • Faith Group

    Females Assembled In True Hope

    Dedicated women in the family of Immanuel Evangelical Church. Every woman is invited to be an active member.


    Assembled once a month, usually the second Tuesday, Pastor Reed opens our meetings with a chosen Bible topic for discussion, and also to conduct business from our fund raising efforts. We meet yearly to assemble Confirmation stoles for the current year’s students. In addition, we also prepare and serve a Wednesday evening dinner during the Lenten season. Christian greeting cards are offered for sale through our card tree in the FAITH meeting room and on Fellowship Sundays. We meet in the church Dining Room, usually the last Sunday of the month, to offer Fellowship, combined with a sweet treat, for a free will donation. The funds earned by selling cards and through Fellowship donations are used for specific projects within the church. i.e., Office laptop computer, dishwasher heater, education building hall and room painting, wall banners, dining room carpet donation, and the Portals of Prayer pamphlet wall holders donation.


    We, as a Group of women, remain true to our FAITH objectives, by sharing the obligations of our committed responsibilities. In addition we develop a true Christian sisterhood within our FAITH membership.

    The hope of our FAITH female members is constant. We hope each new member of our church will use their FAITH ALIVE Bible, gifted to them by our fund raising efforts, to increase and practice their Faith in God. We hope our sharing of responsibilities together to accumulate funds through Christian greeting cards, and offering monthly congregational Fellowship, will encourage the Immanuel family to send Christ in the mail, and to gather in Christ to share their Faith in God, their Faith in each other, and their Faith in themselves.


  • Choir

  • Bell Choir




  • L.W.M.L Mites